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LogosLink is an IAT/ML-based software tool. With LogosLink, you can manage your corpus and carry out ontological and argumentation analysis of your documents. Please see the LogosLink User's Manual for additional details.


LogosLink Desktop
version 1.0.2, 13 March 2024

LogosLink Desktop is a Windows application for interactive use.

LogosLink libraries
version 1.0.2, 13 March 2024

The LogosLink libraries can be integrated with your own development to provide LogosLink-related features to your software product.


User's Manual
version 1.0.2, 13 March 2024

This is the basic documentation that you should read to become familiar with LogosLink and learn how to use it.

Programmer's Guide
version 1.0.2, 13 March 2024

This is a code-oriented documentation set for those who are planning to integrate LogosLink into their own developments.

Registration and feedback

You can register LogosLink for extra benefits. Please see the Registration page for information.

If you have questions or suggestions about LogosLink, please let us know. Your input is very valuable to us.