Release History

This page shows a list of releases of IAT/ML, together with new features and fixed issues for each one. Plans for future releases are also described.

Latest release: version 1.0.1

1 February 2024

This is a maintenance release. Changes include:

  • The overall workflow of the methodology is explained and illustrated.
  • A Results phase has been explicitly added and described to the methodology.
  • BDI (beliefs, desires and intentions) aspects have been fleshed out for each question in the standard question set.
  • Some issues about the connections between IAT/ML and artificial intelligence are now mentioned.

Plans for future releases

  • The Initiation phase is being enriched by the definition of issues to be addressed.
  • Incorporation of context modelling, including themes, positions and agents, plus their connections with ontological, argumentation and agency analysis.
  • Additional guidance will be provided on how to develop a diagnosis document as part of the Results phase.
  • A new document on the theoretical underpinnings of IAT/ML is being developed.

Previous releases

version 1.0.0

3 October 2023

This was the first version of IAT/ML that was publicly available.